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World Conference on Clinical and Medical Case Reports, will be organized around the theme “‘Implications of Case Reports in Medical Development’”

Case Reports Congress 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Case Reports Congress 2020

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Primary care is the care that is supplied by specialist, who's trained and skilled in complete first touch and then retain the take care of men and women with any undiagnosed signal, symptom, or fitness subject, if gift which are not confined via issues origin, organ gadget, or analysis. A number one care exercise is especially worried with serving as the affected person's first point of entry into the fitness care machine and maintains on the focal point for all wished fitness care services. This practice presents sufferers with geared up access to their very personal private physician or to a long time back-up doctor, if the primary physician isn't available. Primary care is largely related to the healthcare promotingprevention of the ailmentprotection of fitness, counselling with physician, affected person training, prognosis and treatment of acute and continual illnesses in an expansion of health care settings. It is particularly achieved and controlled through a private medical doctor but every now and then it's also collaborated with other health professional’s professional on this discipline and additionally by using utilising session.

  • Track 1-1Primary care physician
  • Track 1-2Nurse practitioner
  • Track 1-3Family practice doctor
  • Track 1-4Gynecologist
  • Track 1-5Obstetrician
  • Track 1-6Geriatrician
  • Track 1-7kidney disease

Pediatrics  is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends people be under pediatric  care up to the age of 21, though usually only minors under 18 are required to be under pediatric care



  • Track 2-1pediatric cardiology
  • Track 2-2endocrinology
  • Track 2-3gastroenterology
  • Track 2-4neonatal medicine
  • Track 2-5nephrology
  • Track 2-6mental disorders including depression and anxiety disorders

. It has a incredible APRN (Advance observe Registered Nurse) half - to enhance healthful offerings quality. A \r\n

  • Track 3-1Consultation services
  • Track 3-2Care coordination
  • Track 3-3Expert communication
  • Track 3-4Quality monitoring

This is a metabolic disorder wherein the blood sugar stage is usually above than the ordinary sugar degree in the human body. The everyday sugar stage is before meal is 70–99 mg/dl. Normal sugar level after the meal is one hundred forty mg/dl. It is a disease in which either body doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t make use of its personal insulin. Glucose, that's one shape of carbohydrate determined to your blood, is the sole power resources. Lack of insulin or resistance to insulin stops the degradation of the glucose. This results in plenty of fitness problems.

Type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

Gestational diabetes

  • Track 4-1What are the different types of diabetes?
  • Track 4-2What health problems can people with diabetes develop?
  • Track 4-3heart disease
  • Track 4-4kidney disease
  • Track 4-5nerve damage

The sole motive of this conference is the contribution inside the development of surgical treatment through providing clinicians and researchers with an education on this subject from the preceding case studies by way of sharing their non-public enjoy and novel treatments and rare instances encountered through colleagues from around the globe.  Case reviews enables in improvement of competencies and these reviews are interesting topic for the global target audience of surgeons and researchers to proportion this platform collectively and discuss the diverse sorts of medical cases that the got here throughout in beyond few years.


  • Track 5-1excision
  • Track 5-2resection
  • Track 5-3reduction
  • Track 5-4ligation
  • Track 5-5grafts

This investigation includes the restorative and careful parts of skin, hair and nails. Now and then it likewise incorporates the restorative consideration and improvement of human skin. The sole piece of dermatology centres around skin which assumes a key job in securing the body against different pathogens and aides in decreasing the inordinate water misfortune from body. Different elements of skin include protection, temperature guideline, sensation and the generation of nutrient D (folate).A expansive term that applies to any specialization, which includes the procedure of change of a patient's physical appearance, is Esthetic medication. It additionally centres around the evaluation and determination of conditions that may have changed individual's physical appearance, for example, skin break outdermatitis, sensitivities, just as side effects of hormonal lopsided characteristics like over the top hair and weight gain.

  • Track 6-1Skin cancer
  • Track 6-2Fungal infections
  • Track 6-3Psoriasis - a skin disorder which affects 100,000 New Zealanders
  • Track 6-4Hand dermatitis,
  • Track 6-5Warts

The examination that incorporates the avoidance, finding, and treatment of malignant growth is called Oncology while the expert who is engaged with the act of oncology is an oncologist. While malignant growth is a turmoil including strange cell development as a result of the passing of a property called apoptosis, with the possibility to attack or spread to different pieces of the body. It starts with considerate tumour, which does not spread to different pieces of the body. The signs and manifestations that clearly show up are irregularities, anomalous bleedings, delayed hack, unexplained weight reduction and an adjustment in defecations. More than 100 kinds of malignant growths influence people and which are named relying upon the specific zone from where it is produced.

  • Track 7-1 chemotherapy
  • Track 7-2radiation therapy
  • Track 7-3 hematologist
  • Track 7-4Explaining the cancer diagnosis and stage
  • Track 7-5Talking about all treatment options and his or her preferred choice

It is the restorative specialization that managing pregnancy, labur, and the baby blues period (obstetrics) and the strength of the female conceptive frameworks (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the bosoms (gynaecology).The investigation of obstetrics and gynaecology, consolidates, the consideration of female regenerative framework and the administration amid pregnancy, despite the fact that numerous practisers proceed to create subspecialty premiums in one field or the other. The principle focal point of gynaecology is for the most part on the wellbeing and welfare of the regenerative arrangement of the female and imitating capacity. It covers endocrinology, female urology and pelvic harm. The specialization for the most part incorporates paediatric and immature gynaecology. Obstetrics is the specialization of labur and birthing assistance. This basically includes all the intense and unending medicinal issues that utilization to muddle pregnancy. Obstetrics and gynaecology are energizing territories of research. Contextual analyses helped in the advancement of numerous new systems and techniques in the course of recent years and aided in change in the soundness of ladies and infants. Advancement of ultrasound has made infant care in the belly a focal piece of specialization.

  • Track 8-1Monitor your health and your developing babies
  • Track 8-2How Your OB Works With Your Pregnancy Team
  • Track 8-3Advise you about diet, exercise, medications, and staying healthy

The investigation of Dentistry covers the finding, counteractive action and treatment of infections, issue and states of the mouth and oral depression. Oral depression is the primary passage of nourishment into the body and observed to be the natural surroundings of numerous miniaturized scale living beings like organisms, microbes and infections. Clinical examination on dentistry gives a thought regarding the historical backdrop of clutters identified with mouth and aiding later on progressions in this field. A lot of scatters showed up as of late which merit the dialog and should be shared on the worldwide dimension. Dental Caries

  • Track 9-1Dental Hygiene
  • Track 9-2Dental Ethics
  • Track 9-3Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Track 9-4Dentistry: Tools and Techniques
  • Track 9-5Future Trends in Dentistry

This investigation manages life structures, conclusion and treatment of the stomach related framework. The gastrointestinal tract incorporates the organs from mouth to rear-end, along the nutritious channel. It incorporates the ailments and disarranges of gastrointestinal tract. Doctors who practice in this field are called gastroenterologists. There are serious cases revealed in past which were destructive to the humanity. Common microflora is likewise part of the intestinal tract and can go about as go getter pathogens and can even prompt the passing of the individual.

  • Track 10-1Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Track 10-2Gastrointestinal Pathology
  • Track 10-3Advances in Gastroenterology
  • Track 10-4Biomarkers in Gastroenterology
  • Track 10-5Gastrointestinal Radiology

Investigation of miniaturized scale creatures like microscopic organisms, parasites and infections is called microbiology. Numerous maladies that are brought about by microscopic organisms, growths, infections, parasites and protozoans and can be spread from one individual to the next fall under the classification of infectious sicknesses. In some cases some supportive microorganisms may wind up artful pathogens and cause infection. These infections can be analysed by microscopy, microbial culture and biochemical tests or by Meta genomic sequencing bioinformatics devices.

  • Track 11-1Clinical Microbiology
  • Track 11-2Applied Microbiology
  • Track 11-3Microbiology-Current Research
  • Track 11-4Microbial Vaccines
  • Track 11-5Medical Microbiology
  • Track 11-6Microbial Isolation, Characterisation and Identification
  • Track 11-7Environmental Microbiology

It is consider which is managing physiology, life systems and ailments of circle and eyeball. Ophthalmologist is the master in the field of therapeutic and careful eye sicknesses. Eye examination includes techniques for analysis which are performed like Visual sharpnessRefraction, Intraocular weight, Slit light examination, Retina examination and so on and specialized tests includes Optical cognizance tomographyFluorescein angiographyUltrasonography and so on.

  • Track 12-1Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Track 12-2Pediatric Optometry
  • Track 12-3Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
  • Track 12-4Retina and Retinal Disease
  • Track 12-5Lens Disorders and Refractive Surgery
  • Track 12-6Eye Care Professionals
  • Track 12-7Community Ophthalmology

Cardiology is the part of drug managing the illnesses and clutters identified with the heart and the pieces of circulatory framework. Case report on cardiology gives us a thought regarding indicative and helpful issues in cardiovascular prescription and cardiovascular medical procedure. Clinical Case Reports 2018 incorporates Clinical Investigations, prescriptions Reviews, meds, Profiles in Cardiology, Case Reports, Images in Cardiology and the sky is the limit from there. Cardiology Case report is a point by point investigation of patient side effects, analysis and treatment. Consequently case gives an account of clinical cardiology is of incredible esteem and help in progressing and improvement of treatment techniques.

  • Track 13-1Clinical Cardiology
  • Track 13-2Heart Disease and Failure
  • Track 13-3Obesity & Stroke
  • Track 13-4Cardio-oncology
  • Track 13-5Cardiac Pharmacology
  • Track 13-6Current Research in Cardiology

Anaesthesiology is the specialization in the field of anaesthesia which is the loss of sensation and sedatives which are the substances that reason this misfortune. Anaesthesia is the aggregate or halfway nonattendance of sensation with the loss of awareness and now and again without the loss of cognizance. Anaesthesiology is especially characterized as "A routine with regards to drug commits to the alleviation of torment and all out consideration of the careful patient previously, amid and after medical procedure". Talented expert are required with learning when all is said in done medication, expansive information of surgeries and extensive information of clinical obstetrics, nervous system sciencepaediatrics pharmacologynatural chemistrycardiology and respiratory physiology.

  • Track 14-1Cardiovascular Anesthesia
  • Track 14-2Advanced Research in Surgery and Anesthesia
  • Track 14-3Ambulatory Anesthesia
  • Track 14-4Dental Anesthesia
  • Track 14-5Trauma and Critical Care
  • Track 14-6Ultrasound in Anesthesia

Nervous system science part of medication essentially managing finding and treatment of the considerable number of classifications of conditions and infection including the clutters of sensory system both focal and fringe sensory systems. Neurological practice trusts exclusively upon the field of neuroscience Case contemplate in nervous system science helps in the progression of treatment and cures.

  • Track 15-1Neurological Disorders
  • Track 15-2Spine Surgery & Disorders
  • Track 15-3Brain Tumour and Gliomas
  • Track 15-4Neurosurgical Anomalies
  • Track 15-5Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Track 15-6Clinical Neurology

Colorectal surgery is a field in medicine dealing with disorders of the rectumanus, and colon. The field is also known as proctology, but this term is now used infrequently within medicine and is most often employed to identify practices relating to the anus and rectum in particular. The word proctology is derived from the Greek words proktos, meaning "anus" or "hindparts", and meaning "science" or "study".

Physicians specializing in this field of medicine are called colorectal surgeons or proctologists. In the United States, to become colorectal surgeons, surgical doctors have to complete a general surgery residency as well as a colorectal surgery fellowship, upon which they are eligible to be certified in their field of expertise by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery or the American Osteopathic Board of Proctology. In other countries, certification to practice proctology is given to surgeons at the end of a 2–3 year subspecialty residency by the country's board of surgery.

  • Track 16-1varicosities or swelling
  • Track 16-2birth defects
  • Track 16-3treatment of severe colic disorders
  • Track 16-4anal cancer
  • Track 16-5removal of objects inserted into anus

It is the observe involved with the illnesses in Humans. Pathological studies facilitates inside the knowledge of human illnesses this concern brings the laboratory and scientific physicians the statistics about the hospital pathologic importance to human disease. It manifests the idea from morphologic and clinical laboratory research with direct relevance to the know-how of human illnesses. This forum will offer you the morphologic and hospital pathologic observations, opinions of illnesses, analyses of issues in pathology, massive collections of case material, and advances in concepts or techniques of price inside the evaluation and diagnosis of disease.

  • Track 17-1Anatomical Pathology
  • Track 17-2Anatomical Pathology
  • Track 17-3Breast Pathology
  • Track 17-4Gastrointestinal Pathology
  • Track 17-5Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • Track 17-6Radiation Pathology
  • Track 17-7Surgical pathology